In the strategy card game Arms & Influence, playing the right 2 cards during your turn could be the difference between winning and losing. Here are a few creative ways to combine your 2 actions during your turn to gain and advantage and win sweet, sweet victory points.

Competition + Baby Boom

Putting a Competition in play sets in motion a battle to have the most of a specific resource by the end of the turn. If you play it right, the Baby Boom card can be your ticket to victory.

The Baby boom card doubles the value of all population cards of one…

I have just been hired for a company that is using Angular on their tech stack. In preparation to get started I am following a course on Udemy that I will link below.

I am a Javascript developer with experience in React. And although this course is absolutely amazing, it does not relate anything to React (since it is not a course specifically for developers with React experience) And so I wanted to write an Angular article making some basic comparisons to React in order to make it easy to jump into for React developers.


One big difference…

Have you ever wanted to embed Tweets, TikToks, Spotify songs, videos or pretty much anything else in your React sites? Or are you a developer that would like others to embed rich content from your website?

One way that is widely used on the internet is called oEmbed. describes oEmbed as “ a format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites.” …

Maybe you are a budding software developer and you’ve been hearing about AWS and you are wondering it is exactly. You’ve heard a bunch of acronyms like S3 and EC2 and are afraid of how complicated it seems.

Well this article is to clear up some basics about AWS and the services that it includes.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. They key phrase being “Web Services”. AWS is not one thing, it is a suite of services that help companies and web developers do anything ranging from storing files on the cloud with S3, to running a computer instance…

In part 1 I highlighted some of the basic features of Sass. Check out the first part here:

In this article I will go over the remaining features that make Sass great. Those are Extend/Inheritance & Operators.


Sass has a few ways of making it so we don’t have to repeat ourselves with our code. One of the ways of doing this is to create a placeholder that can be extended.

You can use the “%” symbol to create a class that you only want to extend.

Extending means giving a css class the attributes of the extended class. …

If you’re reading this that probably means you are familiar with CSS and have heard of SCSS or Sass but haven’t yet taken a dive.

Well good news. Sass is going to make your life much better. You will finally be able to DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself) your code out in CSS.

Basically, CSS is missing some great features that would help turn it into an easier to use and read. Sass adds Variables, Nesting, Partials, Mixins, Extend/Inheritance, and Operators. Some of these are things that programming languages tend to have. If you don’t know what some of them…

Arms & Influence is live on Kickstarter now!

We launched Arms & Influence on September 17th, 2020. Since then we’ve shipped the game and people all around the world have played it. We’ve been grateful to have such an amazing reception to game. But perhaps the most surprising thing about our campaign was the fact that we did not spend a dime on pre-campaign marketing.

So here’s exactly what we did that resulted in us hitting our $7,500 goal in less than 24 hours.

Used Our Existing Network

Many people don’t realize that over the course of their lives they’ve built up a network of people that want to see them succeed…

Set’s are a new type of Javascript object that was introduced in ES6 to take care of a multitude of issues that could not be taken care of with a normal Javascript or Array. The primary focus being only storing unique values.

Get it, because you set a table…

Unlike and Object or Map, Sets function a bit more like arrays. For example, there are no key value pairs in a set.

A great use case for a Set is when you want to create an array with only unique values. You could do this with an array but you have to check every single value you…

ES6 introduced new data structures to take care of some problems that the language did not take care of.

Before its’ introduction, people generally used Objects to do the work.

However, Objects do not allow keys to be anything other than a string or integer. Keys in a Map, on the other hand, can be anything (object, array, string, or number). This allows for some interesting uses.

Features that objects do not have

  • Can store Arrays and Objects as keys.
  • Easily iterable in order of entry.

How to Create a Map

let m = new Map()

Built in Methods


Use the set method to add entries to…

Call, Apply, and Bind are Javascript functions that you will begin to see as you learn more and more about Javascript.

They are key to being able to manipulate objects in creative and efficient ways. For that reason, they are a must when understanding Javascript.

Get it? Call.

The good news is they are not that hard to understand. It just takes a 5 minute rundown on the 3.


The call method in Javascript is a way to use a method on an object. …

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