Maybe you are a budding software developer and you’ve been hearing about AWS and you are wondering it is exactly. You’ve heard a bunch of acronyms like S3 and EC2 and are afraid of how complicated it seems.

Well this article is to clear up some basics about AWS and…

In part 1 I highlighted some of the basic features of Sass. Check out the first part here:

In this article I will go over the remaining features that make Sass great. Those are Extend/Inheritance & Operators.


Sass has a few ways of making it so we don’t have to…

Set’s are a new type of Javascript object that was introduced in ES6 to take care of a multitude of issues that could not be taken care of with a normal Javascript or Array. The primary focus being only storing unique values.

Get it, because you set a table…

Unlike and Object or Map, Sets function a…

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