The AI Art World is Exploding With DALL-E 2

With it comes Reddit bans, prompt hoarders and capitalists that are swooping in to try to make a buck.

Andrew Richards
8 min readJul 30, 2022


DALL-E 2, arguably the most powerful image generating tool in the world, is being rolled out to users. As this massive roll out is happening, the epicenter of this explosion of users are gathering in the r/dalle2 subreddit to share their DALL-E 2 generations. The resulting culture that is emerging in the subreddit is an indicator of what a future looks like in a world where images can be generated with just a prompt.

My brother and I’s first DALL-E 2 prompt — “Men in cloaks on the backs of snails transporting materials across the world.”

As the DALL-E 2 users begin to experiment, a whole world of possibilities has begun to open up, questions have been to arise of what the future will hold.

Will DALL-E 2 dilute the value of artists, expose the greed of those looking to make a buck off art, or even become an addiction? Or is DALL-E 2 just another tool in the toolbox for artists, or a starting point with those with a vision who don’t have the art skills to bring it to life.


As far as I can tell, Open AI has no public statistics about DALL-E 2 usage. But we can look the numbers from the r/dalle2 subreddit to get an idea of how things have changed in the past few months.

It is apparent that DALL-E 2 rollout has dramatically increased starting June 5th. You can see a large explosion in numbers since that day, rising from 17k subscribers of the subreddit on June 5th to 71.3k on July 30th.

A bigger indication is the number posts, most of which have a DALL-E 2 prompt along with the results of the prompt. These are also exploding.

Each post normally has 4 images, which is the number of images DALL-E 2 spits out from a prompt. But some have taken DALL-E 2 images to the next level.




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